Juicer or Blender, Which is the Better Choice?

Maybe we often questioning about which one is better, it is a juicer or blender? Which one will give more benefits for our health? And many more questions. As what we had already discussed on our previous article, basically both of these tools are different. That is why; they may have the different quality for our health as well. Below, we will try to explain some benefits that can be given by each tool (blender and juicer), so it maybe will be easier for you to choose the best.

Juicer and its Function

First of all, we will talk about juicer. We can say that juicer is electrical tool to make juice drink that is getting really popular at the present time. How a juicer works is by separating the dregs from the water. So, in the other words we can say that juicer will produce a drink of water extract. These dregs are actually contained a lot of fibers. As we know that fibers are really good for our digestion system. With enough fiber amounts, it will be easier for our digestion system for processing the food and absorbing the nutrition. Using juicer to make a juice will be beneficial, especially for them who have the sensitive digestive system or there is an ill that cause the body is difficult for processing fibers. As what we explained above that juicer is made for making juice. Juice, especially the vegetable juices, has a lot of benefits such as for detoxification process.

Blender and Its Function

Beverages that are produced or made by Blender are called smoothie. Unlike the juice, smoothie contains all parts of the fruits or vegetables included the skin and all fibers from the vegetables and fruits. That is why; smoothie is thicker than juice. Blender produces smaller fiber than straightly consuming fruits and vegetables. Smoothie is richer of fiber, so it can make your stomach is full for longer time. This is really good for them who are in a diet program. If you were on a diet, you can make a beverage from blender and make it without sugar is healthier. With some fibers that are contained in a smoothie, volume of the beverages that are produced by blender will be more than juicer. In the other words we can say that you will need more vegetables and fruits for a glass of juice than smoothie. It makes the nutrition that is contained in a juice is richer than on a smoothie. In a blender, there are some small knifes. That is why; if you wanted to clean a blender, you have to be careful. If we talked from the price aspect, blender is cheaper than the juicer. There is a statement that the nutrition that you can get from a slow juicer with 70 – 80 rpm is much better than the blender with 1000-20000 rpm. However, there is no scientific prove about this statement.