Why Induction Cooktops Cook Better than Electric or Gas

We are really familiar with electric or gas for cooking. However, nowadays there is a new and innovative way that you can use to make your cooking process is much easier than before. This is a tool that is called induction cooktops. This stuff is delicate enough if you wanted to melt some ingredients such as chocolate and butter, but it is also strong or enough powerful to boil six cups of water in only for about three minutes.

This Induction cooktops is already famous in Europe and it is also almost famous in United States. However, Induction Cooktops is maybe kitchen equipment that is not really popular for some of us. Below, we will inform further information about this kitchen equipment and about it’s’ benefits for supporting our cooking activities.

The Definition of “Induction”

First of all, we have to understand first about what is the meaning of induction. Induction is a technology that uses electromagnet energy and for this induction cookpots, electromagnetic energy is straightly used for heating the pans and pots. This is different what you will get from a gas or electricity where they use a burner or heating element that will heat any cookware underneath and then the radiant energy is passed to the food.

In the other words we can say that induction cooktops don’t use any heating elements or burners underneath the pans. There are some series of magnets that will excite the iron atoms of a pan for generating any heats.

Induction Cooktops is better than Gas for Electricity for Some Reasons

After knowing about the definition of induction and general overview about how an induction cooktops worked, now we will inform about some reasons why cooktops is better than gas or electricity. Induction Cooktops can deliver for about 80 up to 90 percent of electromagnetic energy to any food that is cooked in a pan. Meanwhile, gas is only converting for about 38% of the energy and electric can only manage for about 70%. That is why; we can say that Induction Cooktops is much more efficient than electricity and gas.

The fact above is also meant that Induction Cooktops can heat up faster than the other. Besides that, its temperature controls are also more precise. The other amazing thing from an Induction Cooktops is that the surface of this tool is always cool. It means that with the cool surface, Induction Cooktops will not harm your hands. In a conclusion, we can say that the Induction Cooktops are much faster, easier, safer and more efficient than electric or gas. According to a fact that we got, this Induction Cooktops can boil 48 ounces of water with only 3 minutes and 7 seconds. Meanwhile, with the same water amount, the gas cooktops needs for about 8 minutes 34 seconds and electricity cooktops needs for about 5 minutes 47 seconds. Basically, Induction Cooktops has a lot of advantages for your cooking activities.