Difference between Slow Juicer and High Juicer

If you loved to make juice, you must be known that there are two kinds of tools that you can use to make a juice. They are the slow juicer and high juicer or some people called it blender. However, are there the same? They are same based on some aspects such as both of them are electrical tools. However basically, both of them are different between one and each other besides the speed. Below, we will explain some differences that you can notice from the Slow Juicer and High Juicer.

Slow Juicer Review

Juicer is a tool that can be used to make a drink. The drink that is made from a juicer is called juice. Juicer will separate the dregs with the remaining fruits or vegetables. Juicer will give a water extract and nutrition from the fruit and vegetables. Many experts said that those dregs are actually rich in fiber. Without any fibers, your digestion system will be worked harder. The ingredients that are not used will be collected in a filter that is placed in a slow juicer. After a juice was ready to make, that filter can be placed off and cleaned from the remaining dregs. The procedures to use a slow juicer are really easy and slow juicer can be a useful tool to make a healthy drink, especially in the morning. One of the deficiencies that we can see is that it is harder to clean the slow juicer or in the other words we can say that cleaning the high juicer is much easier. Besides that, usually you need more ingredients such as vegetables and fruits because there will be a lot of dregs that will be not used.

High Juicer Details

The next thing that we want to talk about is the high juicer. It is for sure that high juicer has different motor speed than the slow juicer. Besides for making a juice, high juicer can also be used to change some solid foods become powders, pasta or smoother dough. On the high juicer, there will be no dregs that are wasted because all parts such as skin, fruit fiber and seeds are all processed together. If you were not separating this drink (separating the dregs and water) you can call this drink is a smoothie. However, if you strained the water from the dregs, you can call it a juice. For the high juicer, a strain process is done manually. If we looked from the price aspect, high juicer or blender is usually cheaper than the slow juicer. Besides that, high juicer is also easier to be cleaned. With the same quantity of vegetables and fruits, high juicer will produce more product quantity than what you will get from a slow juicer. The other thing that maybe can become your consideration is a statement from the nutritionist that state fiber that come together with high juicer result is having more possibility harder to be processed by a human’s digestion system. So, those are some differences between slow juicer and high juicer.