What are the Benefits of Using a Cooker Hood?

Cooker hood is a useful tool that can be used in the kitchen. In the other words we can say that this is an important utensil for your kitchen. Cooker hood consists of a canopy or the other features that are functioned as the capture area. There is also a fan or blower motor and this blower motor will extract the air pollution that is made or caused by our cooking activities. By this contaminated air eliminating and capturing, the air on your kitchen will be fresher and also healthier. It will raise the quality of the air on your kitchen and it will make your cleaning process is much easier.

Many people who were already used this cooker hood said that the most thing that we can feel is for the cleaning process. They said that after using the cooker hood, they don’t need to waste many hours for scrubbing the kitchen surfaces. As information, cooker hood is not only used by usual house wives, but it is also used by the professional chef. Many professional chefs said that cooking without cooker hood can be really uncomfortable. You have to deal with many things such as steams, heats, odors and also smokes. That is why; you can see that every professional kitchen is always used the cooker hood. If we talked about the odor, you will be really happy because cooker hood will help you to remove some uncomfortable odors such as the odors from fish, exotic vegetables, sauces and also spices. Through after you cooked those kinds of ingredients, cooker hood will eliminate the odor and will make your dinner is much better and more comfortable as well.

The ability of cooker hood for eliminating smoke and bad odors will have a good impact for our health. It will help preventing the formation of sticky films that can attract more bacteria and mold. Besides that, the inflow of fresh outside air will be encouraged; the result is an improved air quality that you can get throughout the house, especially in the kitchen. It will be beneficial for some people who have some health problems such as allergies and many other breathing problems. However, I am sure that everyone will love this cooker hood because who don’t like the fresh air? This fresh air reason wills also possibly you to be free in cooking any foods or cuisines that you want.

Those are some benefits that you can get from a cooker hood. If we could conclude, those advantages are like the clean air, easier cleaning cabinets and of course the creative cooking freedom. Once again, according to use, cooker hood is an important kitchen utensil that you have to own. For the further information about cooker hood, such as about the brands, specifications, designs and many more, you can search at some sources such as from internet, forum or even recommendation from your trusted relatives.

Good Stainless Steel Composition for Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils are varied and they can make from any materials such as iron, wood up to the most popular one, stainless steel. On this article, we will talk more about stainless steel. There are so may kitchen utensils that are made from stainless steel, such as the stainless sleek, or the other utensils that are made from stainless steel like pans, mixing bowls and many more.

Have you ever questioned why stainless becomes really universal for cooking activities. Actually, there are some answers that you can use to answer this question. First of all is maybe because of its look. We know that stainless steel utensil is always looked really pretty. The second reason or the second answer is that because of its strength. Stainless steel utensils are strong enough. It is not easy to crack, chip or even bed. Besides that, usually stainless will stay shiny although it had already used for over years.

What is stainless steel?

However, what is stainless steel actually? Stainless steel is a metal alloy that is made for about 10 up to 11% chromium. If it was exposed with air, metal chromium has a film and this film is non toxic or in the other words we can say that it is really safe to use. How if the metal is gotten scratches? If your stainless steel utensil is scratched, the chromium oxide will be reformed seamlessly. It will give you an amazing utensil and you don’t need to worry about the rush. Besides that, unlike the iron or aluminum, stainless steel is a material that is also non reactive. That is why; you can use the kitchen utensil that is made from stainless steel for serving any acidic foods. You can also use that stainless steel to cook the acidic food.

Those are some benefits of using some kitchen utensils that are made from stainless steel. In a conclusion we can say that stainless steel chose by most of the people because it’s one of the most versatile, durable and also worry free metals available. Meanwhile for the composition, you can make it or having the right composition based on your needs. It is better for not covering all your kitchen areas with stainless steel and maybe this is also not a good idea to have all kitchen utensils that are made by stainless steel.

My advice is that, you can use some kitchen steels utensils on some kitchen tools such as spoon, pan, and maybe a bowl which you can make it as a place of food when you wanted to go picnic. Using stainless steel for your plate is maybe not a good idea. This is a bad idea visually and maybe it will be not usual for us to eat from a stainless steel plate. Besides that, it will make the food on the plate is hotter in a longer time than if you used a usual ceramics plate.

Why Induction Cooktops Cook Better than Electric or Gas

We are really familiar with electric or gas for cooking. However, nowadays there is a new and innovative way that you can use to make your cooking process is much easier than before. This is a tool that is called induction cooktops. This stuff is delicate enough if you wanted to melt some ingredients such as chocolate and butter, but it is also strong or enough powerful to boil six cups of water in only for about three minutes.

This Induction cooktops is already famous in Europe and it is also almost famous in United States. However, Induction Cooktops is maybe kitchen equipment that is not really popular for some of us. Below, we will inform further information about this kitchen equipment and about it’s’ benefits for supporting our cooking activities.

The Definition of “Induction”

First of all, we have to understand first about what is the meaning of induction. Induction is a technology that uses electromagnet energy and for this induction cookpots, electromagnetic energy is straightly used for heating the pans and pots. This is different what you will get from a gas or electricity where they use a burner or heating element that will heat any cookware underneath and then the radiant energy is passed to the food.

In the other words we can say that induction cooktops don’t use any heating elements or burners underneath the pans. There are some series of magnets that will excite the iron atoms of a pan for generating any heats.

Induction Cooktops is better than Gas for Electricity for Some Reasons

After knowing about the definition of induction and general overview about how an induction cooktops worked, now we will inform about some reasons why cooktops is better than gas or electricity. Induction Cooktops can deliver for about 80 up to 90 percent of electromagnetic energy to any food that is cooked in a pan. Meanwhile, gas is only converting for about 38% of the energy and electric can only manage for about 70%. That is why; we can say that Induction Cooktops is much more efficient than electricity and gas.

The fact above is also meant that Induction Cooktops can heat up faster than the other. Besides that, its temperature controls are also more precise. The other amazing thing from an Induction Cooktops is that the surface of this tool is always cool. It means that with the cool surface, Induction Cooktops will not harm your hands. In a conclusion, we can say that the Induction Cooktops are much faster, easier, safer and more efficient than electric or gas. According to a fact that we got, this Induction Cooktops can boil 48 ounces of water with only 3 minutes and 7 seconds. Meanwhile, with the same water amount, the gas cooktops needs for about 8 minutes 34 seconds and electricity cooktops needs for about 5 minutes 47 seconds. Basically, Induction Cooktops has a lot of advantages for your cooking activities.

Juicer or Blender, Which is the Better Choice?

Maybe we often questioning about which one is better, it is a juicer or blender? Which one will give more benefits for our health? And many more questions. As what we had already discussed on our previous article, basically both of these tools are different. That is why; they may have the different quality for our health as well. Below, we will try to explain some benefits that can be given by each tool (blender and juicer), so it maybe will be easier for you to choose the best.

Juicer and its Function

First of all, we will talk about juicer. We can say that juicer is electrical tool to make juice drink that is getting really popular at the present time. How a juicer works is by separating the dregs from the water. So, in the other words we can say that juicer will produce a drink of water extract. These dregs are actually contained a lot of fibers. As we know that fibers are really good for our digestion system. With enough fiber amounts, it will be easier for our digestion system for processing the food and absorbing the nutrition. Using juicer to make a juice will be beneficial, especially for them who have the sensitive digestive system or there is an ill that cause the body is difficult for processing fibers. As what we explained above that juicer is made for making juice. Juice, especially the vegetable juices, has a lot of benefits such as for detoxification process.

Blender and Its Function

Beverages that are produced or made by Blender are called smoothie. Unlike the juice, smoothie contains all parts of the fruits or vegetables included the skin and all fibers from the vegetables and fruits. That is why; smoothie is thicker than juice. Blender produces smaller fiber than straightly consuming fruits and vegetables. Smoothie is richer of fiber, so it can make your stomach is full for longer time. This is really good for them who are in a diet program. If you were on a diet, you can make a beverage from blender and make it without sugar is healthier. With some fibers that are contained in a smoothie, volume of the beverages that are produced by blender will be more than juicer. In the other words we can say that you will need more vegetables and fruits for a glass of juice than smoothie. It makes the nutrition that is contained in a juice is richer than on a smoothie. In a blender, there are some small knifes. That is why; if you wanted to clean a blender, you have to be careful. If we talked from the price aspect, blender is cheaper than the juicer. There is a statement that the nutrition that you can get from a slow juicer with 70 – 80 rpm is much better than the blender with 1000-20000 rpm. However, there is no scientific prove about this statement.

Difference between Slow Juicer and High Juicer

If you loved to make juice, you must be known that there are two kinds of tools that you can use to make a juice. They are the slow juicer and high juicer or some people called it blender. However, are there the same? They are same based on some aspects such as both of them are electrical tools. However basically, both of them are different between one and each other besides the speed. Below, we will explain some differences that you can notice from the Slow Juicer and High Juicer.

Slow Juicer Review

Juicer is a tool that can be used to make a drink. The drink that is made from a juicer is called juice. Juicer will separate the dregs with the remaining fruits or vegetables. Juicer will give a water extract and nutrition from the fruit and vegetables. Many experts said that those dregs are actually rich in fiber. Without any fibers, your digestion system will be worked harder. The ingredients that are not used will be collected in a filter that is placed in a slow juicer. After a juice was ready to make, that filter can be placed off and cleaned from the remaining dregs. The procedures to use a slow juicer are really easy and slow juicer can be a useful tool to make a healthy drink, especially in the morning. One of the deficiencies that we can see is that it is harder to clean the slow juicer or in the other words we can say that cleaning the high juicer is much easier. Besides that, usually you need more ingredients such as vegetables and fruits because there will be a lot of dregs that will be not used.

High Juicer Details

The next thing that we want to talk about is the high juicer. It is for sure that high juicer has different motor speed than the slow juicer. Besides for making a juice, high juicer can also be used to change some solid foods become powders, pasta or smoother dough. On the high juicer, there will be no dregs that are wasted because all parts such as skin, fruit fiber and seeds are all processed together. If you were not separating this drink (separating the dregs and water) you can call this drink is a smoothie. However, if you strained the water from the dregs, you can call it a juice. For the high juicer, a strain process is done manually. If we looked from the price aspect, high juicer or blender is usually cheaper than the slow juicer. Besides that, high juicer is also easier to be cleaned. With the same quantity of vegetables and fruits, high juicer will produce more product quantity than what you will get from a slow juicer. The other thing that maybe can become your consideration is a statement from the nutritionist that state fiber that come together with high juicer result is having more possibility harder to be processed by a human’s digestion system. So, those are some differences between slow juicer and high juicer.